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The Cecil Mann Bequest Scholarship

The Junior Showmanship Committee offers the following , on behalf of the Cecil Mann Bequest.


1. A trophy will be given out yearly to Best Junior at the National Specialty. The perpetual trophy will remain in the possession of the BTCA, and a commemorative will be given yearly.


2. A College Scholarship offered yearly in the amount of $1000 with the following stipulations:

•The Junior has competed at least once at the National Specialty in Junior Showmanship.

•The Junior has completed one AKC approved title on a Bull Terrier owned by themselves or their immediate family. 

•Submit an essay to the BTCA Juniors Committee by March 1st. The essay should be a maximum of two pages about their activities with their Bull Terrier and how they feel the sport of dogs has impacted them and and their vision for their future in dog related activities.The Juniors Committee will submit the winning essay to the BTCA Board at the June meeting, for approval. Funds will then be dispersed by the Treasurer of the BTCA.

•This scholarship may only be won once. It is expected that the recipient will use the funds for college related expenses. 


3. A $300 stipend to be applied to travel cost of a deserving Junior that has successfully gained an invitation to and competes in the Junior  Competition at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.


4. A $300 stipend to be applied to travel cost for a deserving Junior that is invited and competes in the Junior Showmanship Competition at the AKC National Championship Show.


5. A $300 stipend to be applied to travel cost for a deserving Junior that attends the BTCA National Specialty/Silverwood and competes in any discipline of the sport that is offered at this show.


Basic applicant requirements for the three stipends:

Applicant must be an eligible Junior (9 years -up to 18th Birthday ) competing in any discipline of the sport with a Bull Terrier.

The Junior must show  documented participation in 3 or more of the following:

*Participate in fundraising for a regional club.

*Participate as a Junior, in any club activities when possible i.e. show set-up breakdown, stewarding, assist t-shirt sales, show chair assigned tasks (age appropriate), assist in Hospitality, assist with Obedience/Barn Hunt trials

*Volunteer with your dog in a service related activity/event, i.e. Bark in the Park, Meet the Breeds, visits to rehabilitative care/retirement-nursing home/hospital.

*Earn an AKC CGC title on your dog

*Attend a training classes in any discipline of competition

*Attend an educational breed seminar 

Application for above, should be within 30 days before or after the event. The Junior Committee will verify the requirements, and advise the BTCA BOD and Treasurer to disperse the funds.


Should the junior be unable to attend any of the above events – the stipend must be returned by recipient to the BTCA Treasurer within 30 days of the show(s). (Priority mail with delivery of confirmation/tracking is recommended.)


6. The Juniors Committee will ideally hold a yearly educational seminar/pizza party during Silverwood Weekend. Ideas would be: Canine CPR course, Judges Round Table, Grooming, Nose Work.  


Heather Uplinger, Chairman

Alison Ibbitson 

Diane Davis

Samantha Brown


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