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The objective of the Performance committee is to encourage members to enjoy the many wonderful dog sports and activities available to them and their Bull Terriers.

Lets celebrate what these dogs can do !

There are more performance activities than ever, opening up a new world of dog sports suitable to the natural qualities of the Bull Terrier.  Our dogs in performance reinforce breeders producing sound dogs with stable temperaments, and puts the Bull Terrier’s fun loving personality on display to delight and educate the public.

Our dogs have shown that they can compete at the top levels in many sports. Most activities can be done with dogs young or old, rescue dogs, retired show dogs, as well as competitive show dogs.    Performance won’t take the “Bull Terrier” out of them, and might even keep them busy enough so that they don’t eat your couch.  From Scentwork to Agility, Canine Good Citizen, to Rally, Obedience , Tracking and Barnhunt there is something fun for everyone.

Silverwood Weekend Events - We organize a variety of demonstrations, workshops and events over the weekend, e.g. CGC and Tricks Testing, Barn Hunt and Scentwork sessions, and Rally, Obedience or Agility trials. We report on Performance achievements in BARKS and the RECORD, and provide articles on training and behavior. Members click here for a sample of events from a recent Silverwood weekend.                                   


Member contact for each sport – Each activity has a contact person who is experienced handling Bull Terriers in that activity. The Performance committee and a few other devoted BTCA club members are here to help you find a fun dog sport that is just right for you !   Feel free to contact them with any questions. We would love to talk with you.


How to get started – Explore some of the fun activities that you can participate in with your Bull Terrier. From Agility to Obedience, to Nosework, Rally and Barn hunt, learn the basics of different sports and how to get started. Click on the icons above for information about specific activities.

Versatility and Versatility Excellent Awards – In 2002, the BTCA board created a special national award recognizing Bull Terriers with titles and certifications in multiple disciplines. 

These accomplishments are recognized by 2 awards; the Versatility Award (VA), for Bull Terriers earning 5 points in 3 different areas, and the VA Excellent (VAX),  for Bull Terriers  with 10 points in 4 areas.  Artists Linda Lethin, Carl Wright and Janis Dolphin generously gave their time and talent to design the presentation porcelain plates.

Six retroactive Versatility Awards were presented at the 2002 Silverwood banquet, and since then many more Bull Terriers have followed in their paw prints.  All past recipients are listed in the “Past Trophy Winners” section of The Record.

Kudos and congratulations to those club members, and their canine ambassadors for exhibiting the ability and good temperament of our breed. Click here to go to the document page for rules for the award and click here for the Versatility matrix.

Versatility Awd.jpeg

Gordon Bane Award  - Starting in 2021 the BTCA will present this special Obedience award  in memory of the extraordinary team, Gordon Bane and his Bull Terrier partner Ginger (Am/Can Ch Edelwin's Happy To See You RN, CGC, OM1, UDX2, VA). The award will be given to the handler and Bull Terrier with the highest qualifying score in the Regular or Preferred Obedience classes held during the Silverwood weekend.



You don't have to compete to enjoy performance activities.  Most of the enjoyment and benefit comes from going to classes and taking time to play at home. You will be rewarded with the best relationship you’ve ever had with your dog, and you will both come to understand and appreciate each other even more.  In the end you get to go home with the best dog in class or at the trial; your Bull Terrier!

Button Memorial Scent Work Trophy  - The Button Memorial Scent Work Trophy was created to encourage and reward Bull Terrier Club of America members for participating in the sport of Scent Work with their senior Bull Terriers.


Karin Lamkins introduced 12 yr old Button to AKC Scent Work in 2017 just after it became an AKC recognized sport. She took to it immediately, and they went on to earn multiple Scent Work titles, the last being when Button was almost 15 yrs old !  This sport gave them immeasurable pleasure, which moved Karin to “ spread the word”, especially for older Bull Terriers that would love to continue having fun with their people.


Thank you Karin and R.G. Lamkins for creating and sponsoring this award! And thank you to Linda Lethin for giving her time and talent to create the beautiful bronze trophy.  Click here to go to the document for requirements of the trophy.


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