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Bull Terriers and Agility:  This is an off-leash, timed sport that involves running with your dog and directing them around courses of obstacles and jumps. Toys and treats are used in training, but are not allowed in the ring.  Bull Terriers can be quite athletic, with energy to burn, making this a fun activity for them.  Their creative sense of humor can provide an entertaining time for all.  It is a sport that takes a lot of training and commitment, but the joy of teamwork is exhilarating.


How to get started:  Try finding a beginner class with an experienced instructor. It’s even better if the instructor has a sense of humor and some experience with BTs.  You can also start with a few private lessons with a qualified instructor to see if you and your Bully like the sport.  Go watch an agility trial and chat with some folks.


National Organization:  American Kennel Club:


There are other venues such as USDAA, CPE, and UKI all of which can be googled.


Equipment:  Jumps and tunnels are easily acquired on line or at trials, and can often be found used.  The bigger contact equipment can also be purchased but you may want to wait till you are fully hooked by the sport before investing heavily.

Time:  It will take about 18 months to 2 years to fully train your Bully.  You can do a lot of foundation, ground, and single jump work at home.


Bull Terrier activity expert:  Mary Remer  610-331-8398 phone or text are best.

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