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Current Studies:

LAD Study - University of Pennsylvania, Margret Casal, DVM

A Plain Man's Guide to the New DNA Test for LAD, Dr. Brian E. Hill-UK NEW!



"The Bull Terrier Club of America, through their Donor Advised Fund at the AKC Canine Health Foundation, has supported the research on Lethal Acrodermatitis, along with many other research groups in the United Kingdom and Europe. A test to determine LAD affected, carriers and clears in both Bull Terriers and Miniature Bull Terriers should be available by mid January through PenGenn."  <Read more>


Outdated Study Information:

Health Information

AKC Health Foundation​

The Bull Terrier Club of America has a Donor Advised Fund with the AKC Canine Health   Foundation.  If you would like to donate to the BTCA Fund, please be sure to mention that when sending your donation.


The BTCA supports the Tick Borne Study with funding from the BTCA CHF Donor Advised Fund


Orthopedic Foundation

for Animals

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