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About the Bull Terrier Club of America

President's Message

Welcome to the Bull Terrier Club of America, Inc. webpage. We are your link to the wonderful world of Bull Terriers!

The BTCA is a parent club member of the American Kennel Club, the country's oldest and largest purebred dog registry. We are a club of Bull Terrier lovers who get together to host shows, provide educational information, and support various events throughout the country.

BTCA members are active in a broad range of dog sports. We compete in breed competitions; obedience, Rally, and agility trials, provide public service, and enjoy canine companionship and skills to maintain the integrity of the breed. Many club members have certified therapy dogs that visit nursing homes, hospitals, and many are involved in breed rescue to help dogs that need new homes.

Silverwood weekend in October is our premier event featuring up to 5 days of shows, including confirmation, performance, sweepstakes, futurity, a health clinic and educational events. 

See our show schedule for a complete list of Bull Terrier supported events.

Our Breeder Directory includes club members who provide breed information, have occasional litters, and/or have occasional adult dogs to place in new homes. Check out the breeder referral page for a list of breed contacts.

Most club members are pet owners first and show dog owners second. Whether you have just pets or pets and show dogs, we hope you will consider joining us. See the membership page for more information.

We hope you enjoy our website.

Kim Bebb




BTCA Mission

  • To promote the breeding and exhibiting of healthy, intelligent, pure-bred Bull Terriers that will conform to the physical characteristics set forth in the official standard of the Bull Terrier Club of America and approved by the American Kennel Club.


  • To encourage members and breeders to respect the standard of the breed as approved by the American Kennel Club as the only standard by which the Bull Terrier shall be judged


  • To encourage the formation of local clubs devoted to the Bull Terrier and to cooperate with them for the benefit of the breed


  • To promote friendship and cooperation among breeders and exhibitors of Bull Terriers and to encourage and assist them in every way for the benefit of the breed.


  • To promote the general welfare of the breed and to actively oppose cruel and inhumane treatment of all Bull Terriers.


  • To encourage members to uphold and abide by the Code of Ethics  and the Standard of Conduct as adopted by the club.



Goals and Values


  • The BTCA membership shares the common interest of raising, training, breeding and competing with healthy, Bull Terriers.


  • They are devoted to the pleasures of pet ownership and a broad variety of events from conformation, agility and rally to obedience and tracking.


  • The BTCA not only furthers the sport of purebred dogs, but also strives to promote and protect dogs in their communities, share in educational programs, sponsor training classes and health clinics, and operate a rescue network, as well as a responsible breeder locator service.



Bull Terrier resting on a white backgrou

Board of Directors
Our fearless leaders, their titles and email contact information.

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Regional Clubs

Looking for a Bull Terrier Club near you?  Click here to find a local club and contact information. 

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Meet the various club committees and contacts for each committee.

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