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20140104 JohnSpurr Orange Coast

Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Orange Coast Bull Terrier Club

Kennel Club of Palm Springs

Saturday, January 4, 2014
Dr. John J Spurr

 Thank you to the Orange Coast Bull Terrier Club for selecting me to judge their Saturday show this year. Thank you also to the exhibitors who spent their precious time and resources showing their animals. The numbers were good, the ROMs held and the quality of the entry was excellent, especially overall construction and movement.

In my opinion on this warm winter California afternoon the following dogs were awarded.


Winners Dog and Best of Winners

Calden's WICKED'S WHITE TIE AFFAIR (CH Rhydaman Frosty x CH Quicksilver's Wicked Moxie of Bulliard) Substantial white dog. Pleasing profile and good fill. Eyes are a bit kind and ear set a bit wide. Bite is correct. His overall construction is very good with a nice front, good topline ending in a correctly angled rear.

Reserve Winers Dog

Waynee's MAGOR MILLENIUM ARTIC MOON (GCH Rhydaman Frosty x CH Magor Millenium Mardi Gras) This dog is also a nicely made boy. His profile does posses a slight flattening and his eye is a little kind. His bite is correct. The front, topline and rear are very good.

Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex

Merriam and Dykema's BESTUVALL TAKE IT EASY (CH Sorajeni Easy Rider x Bestuvall Ran Out of Black) Very pretty upstanding bitch with pleasing profile, good expression, nice ear set and correct bite. Her overall construction is very nice. Her shoulder, however, is a tad upright. Her topline and rear angulation are excellent and she moves very well.

Reserve Winners Bitch

Harlamoff and Waynee's SOQUEL MILLENIUM SEA GLASS ( CH Rhydaman Frosty x CH Soquel Millenium Black Fern)  Pretty petite girl with very slight flattening of her profile. She has decent ear set and a correct bite.  Constructed well front to rear with a short back and good movement.

Best of Variety

Harris' GCH ALLEGRO ROCKSTAR (CH Allegro Red Bull x CH Allegro Sticky Fingers) Powerful, striking and substantial white dog. His head  possesses a very good profile, excellent fill and  expression, but a slightly wide ear set. His bite is correct. He has excellent construction including his front, topline and rear. His back is short and he moves well from all angles.

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Stephan and Dykema's CH BESTUVALL WHITE HOT (CH Bestuvall Razor Redi Cut x Bestuvall Too Hot to Copy) A powerful dog with a powerful head. His profile is very good. But his head could use more length, the ears are set a little wide and there is a small mismark on the back of the neck. Construction front to rear is very good.

Select Bitch

Tesconi and Dykema's CH BESTUVALL COPY WRITER (CH Jarogue's You Don't Know Jack x CH Bestuvall Copy Right) Pretty petite girl with a pleasing profile and very good ear set. Her eye is a little kind and her shoulder a bit upright. Very good rear angulation and she moves well.


Winners Dog and Best of Winners

DeVore's KARSMAS READY TO RUMBLE (GCH Iceni Shot Taken x Sunnysky Everything Nice)

Very nice brindle and white dog with pleasing markings. Powerful head with very good fill and ear set. The expression is a bit soft. Constructed well front to back and he moves well.

Reserve Winners Dog

Alexander and Mason's BRIGADOON SUGAR BADGER AT SYDMONTON (CH Brigadoon Blackwatch Jock O'Bullseye x GCH Brigadoon GoGo Boots) Black brindle dog with a powerful head, but soft expression. Bite is slightly under. Very good front and nice rear angulation. He moves well coming and going.

Winners Bitch

Ruppel and Classen's QUICKSILVER WICKED LI'L SISTER (CH Rhydaman Frosty x CH Quicksliver's Wicked Moxie of  Bullard) Very nice brindle girl with a pleasing profile and decent fill. Ear set is a bit wide. Shoulders are well laid back. She has a good topline and nicely angled rear. She also moves well.

Reserve Winners Bitch

Alexander and Akajita's BRIGADOON BROADWAY STAR (CH Brigadoon  Blackwatch Jack O'Bullseye x CH Brigadoon Miss Buxley) Nice brindle bitch with a good profile and ear set. She could use more fill of muzzle and her eye is kind. Good construction front and rear.

Best of Variety

Harlamoff and Waynee's GCH SOQUEL MILLENIUM SEAFARER (CH Rhydaman Frosty x CH Soquel Millenium Black Fern) Powerful brindle and white dog with very nice markings. Powerful head with very good profile, expression, ear set and fill. Bite is correct. Excellent construction front to rear. He moves very well.

Best of Opposite Sex

Aten's BESTUVALL ON EASY STREET (CH Sarajeni Easy Rider x Crestmonts Crimson Copy At Bestuvall) Very pretty brindle bitch. Her head has a pleasing profile, good fill, very good expression and good ear set. Bite is incorrect. She is constructed well and moves well also.

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Tesconi's GCH BESTUVALL ZINFANDEL MOON (CH Crestmonts Savoir Faire x CH Bestuvall Copy Writer) Powerful dark brindle dog. Nice profile, fill and  expression. Ear set is a little wide and bite is under. The front is nicely laid back, but the rear is somewhat straight.

Select Bitch

Shaw and Dykema's CH BESTUVALL BURNING HOT DESIRE (CH Bestuvall Sho' Is Hot x Bestuvall Too Hot To Copy) Pretty black brindle bitch. Very nice profile but lacks enough fill. Nice expression. Slightly wide ear set. Nice front and rear. Her back is a little long but tail set is good.

Best Puppy

Crabtree and Clemmensen's ROCK-IT LONESTAR HAUTE CHOCOLATE (CH LONESTAR Whole Lota Hoopla x Rock-it C'Mon C'Mon) Nice young colored puppy with a good profile. Eye is slightly kind. Decent construction front and rear. Movement is a bit loose at this time.

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