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Last Updated on Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Bull Terrier Club of America
Albion, N.Y.
August 31, 2012
Judge Robert Thomas

I really enjoyed Judging this show. The quality of the entry was outstanding.
It was great to see exhibits from all over the country, from California, the Mid-west,
Florida, etc. . The hospitality was great, thanks to Melanie and Ty Whitehair , Iris Hudson and Glenn Snyder for making me feel so welcome.  


Winner’s Dog,  and Best of Winner’s

Schuur’s OLD FORGE GENTLEMAN JIM(Ch. Sarajeni Rock’n at Philgen ex.
Modern Velvet Touch at Old Forge)  large red and white. Well marked, lovely round bone, big strong head, nice expression, good quarters, moved better coming than going, shown well, nice shoulder layback and good forechest

Reserve Winner’s Dog

Steen and Holden’s MAYHEM AT THE POST (Dust in the Wind Opalplast ex, Mayham
On a Hot Tin Roof)  Black Brindle and White, good head, nice expression, straight front, good quarters although he doesn’t use them well, good bone, very mature, slight mouth fault

Winner’s Bitch

Whitehair’s TERJO’S TOUCH OF MAGIC (Megaville’s Sardonicus ex. Javarke Calico
Of Terjo) typy Black brindle and white, excellent bone for her size, strong well filled   and turned head, excellent expression, excellent bend of stifle, short cobby body, moves well

Reserve Winner’s Bitch

Piles’ ACTION HEADED FOR POWER (Ch. Stonebull Love that Action ex. Ch. Action Head Over Heels ll)  brindle and white, bigger more upstanding bitch, a bit long cast,
Good shoulder, nice profile, front movement very good, erratic behind

Best of Variety, Best of Breed

Jaspers’ Ch. Skyline Defies Dazlin (Ch. Dazlin Defiance ex. Ch. Skyline’s Sticks N Stones)
 red and white,  very well marked, big powerful heavyweight, loads of bone, nice head  filled and well turned, lovely hindquarters,  moved extremely well, wide and true, this movement in the end cared the day for him, on this day one of the best movers that I have seen in a long time

Best of Opposite Sex

Bavol’s  GCH. OLD ENGLAND’S COCO CHANEL (Ch. Tulsadoom Abi Albon ex.
Ch. Old England Lady in Red) well known brindle and white, lovely straight front,
Good bone for her size, really nice quarters, moves very well both ways, very well handled and shows beautifully, long a favorite of mine

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Bavol and Scheibly’s GCh. OLD ENGLAND FALCON (Silver Bullet The Joker At Javarke ex. Ch. Old Englands’s Lady Elizabeth)

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Snyder, Fike and Fournier-Fike’s Ch. CABEN N PARADOX SWEET MUSE-IC (Ch. Terjo’s Vital Spark ex. Ch. Paradox
Muse-ic To My Ears)


Winner’s Dog

Eltherington’s  MAGOR MOVES LIKE JAGGAR ( Megaville’s Vision ex. Magor Moulin Rouge) white two red ears, nicely made, good profile with a bit of a brow, movement
Good coming a bit hard to assess going as he was pulling all over the place

Reserve Winner’s Dog

Baxter and Allen’s OC CORSAIRE DEVILISH DELIGHT @ DOGMORE ( GCH. Corsaire The  Courier ex. Ch. OC Harbour Lights  at Malvern) all white, decent profile, slight mouth fault, nice bone, good expression

Winner’s Bitch and Best of Winner’s

Longhofer, Remer, Lamkins and Mackay-Smith’s BANBURY BEDROCK BRIGHT DIAMOND (Emred The Huntsman ex. Banbury Bright Sky of Bedrock) pure white, small compact bitch, good bone for her size, pretty profile, good fill, lovely expression, really nice neck leading into well laid shoulder very good mover, really lovely outline standing and moving as well

Reserve Winner’s Bitch

Butcher and Berez’s ACTION PURELY MAGICAL ( Ch. Alegro Rockstar ex. Ch. Action Pure Class)  all white,  upstanding young girl only thirteen months old, needs to fill out and mature, good expression, nice profile, good mouth, promising youngster

Best of Variety

Hopkins’ GCH. TULSADOOM ABI ALBON  (Eng. Ch. Emred Huntsman ex. Tulsadoom Umbhumbluzo) white brindle ears, long a favorite of mine, uber substantial, heavyweight, great bone, excellent expression, great quarters which he normally uses to perfection –today in the heat he did not move as well as normal. Excellent dog with MUCH to offer as a stud, which is why I gave him BOV

Best of Opposite Sex and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed
Snyder, Hudson, and Whitehair’s CH. SANDSTONE’S CONCEIVED IN LIBERTY FOR PARADOX (Megaville’s Visions ex. Sandstone’s Rock Candy) all white bitch, dead straight front, lovely hindquarters, somewhere in heaven Eva Weatherill  must be smiling as this one reminds me of the tremendous Souperlative bitches of old, she is absolutely gorgeous, moves really well, shows like a bomb, this is a great one, so thrilled to see and go over her.  One of the best bitches that I have seen in years

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Cederlund and Corse’s CH. OC DONALD MACKAY OF MALVERN ( GCH. Corsaire’s the Courier ex. Ch. OC Harbour Lights O’ Malvern)

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Corse, Allen and Anderson’s  GCH. OC CORSAIRE WITCH OF THE WAVES OF MALVERN (GCH. Corsaire’s the Courier ex. Ch. OC Harbour Lights of Malvern)

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